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Ziba and Co is a leading online retailer that provides outstanding quality of wholesale diamonds and diamond jewellery, in conjunction with engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond studs and pendants. We value our reputation as trustworthy and reputable diamond retailers. At Ziba and Co, our notion that we stand by when serving our customers is that we provide exquisite diamond jewellery at an affordable price.


To design and create handcrafted unique jewelry that exceeds our customer’s expectations and impossible to limit quality, value, and service.


To be the choice of every customer to provide beautiful luxury and to be known as a high-end jewelry company that can provide superb customer imagination of customization of service.

Our unique design has been expertly crafted using only the finest quality diamonds and engagement rings, precious gemstones, and exclusive metals.


Ziba and Co is a melting pot of cultures that can create beautiful, unique, and meaningful designs that make every jewelry shine in your own.


To fully personalize and customize your ideal diamond engagement rings in Sydney. We collaborate expertise to reflect their personal style and taste.


Every craft of Ziba and Co’s designs highlights superb craftsmanship. With its manufacturing based in Sydney Australia. Ziba and Co showcases how adept Australians are.

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